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Teen Bedroom Design Karachi

Teen Bedroom Design Karachi

Luxury Antonovich Design aims to create a fresh space that is reflective of your teenager’s style and involve them in the design process, giving them an opportunity for self-expression. We create a space that is both practical and elegant, with workspaces, shelves and bookcases - their developing minds needs a room where they can learn and they can be inspired.Teenage boys and girls rooms are not easy to manage especially they both have different styles, With Luxury Antonovich Design, We create a functional and appealing bedroom for your teenagers. We put up paint or wall arts or wallpapers depending on what color scheme our clients will be choosing. We also put up nice chandeliers that reflects elegance and royalty, making them feel like they are truly special. The room is designed with high-end carpets and lamps, that creates a more relaxing vibe into the room.

Every important detail matters in a teenagers room. We put up all the things that they are interested on, and what will be a great use for them. In that case everything that they need is right in their room. Giving them privacy and a relaxing comfortability.

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