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Palatial Entrance in Lahore

Palatial Entrance in Lahore

Our expert Designer Katrina Antonovich uses different terms to describe the space beyond a front door—vestibule, hallway, entryway, foyer. May it be the front or anywhere in the home it should always look and feel good. Of course there are dozens of other words you can use to describe this space.

Size and scale is one of the important things to consider. The Height is another, where it is important that the height can fit all things, especially your furnitures because this is the entry way of the entire home. The flooring is a shiny marble flooring.A gracious entry, Whether a door includes a Nice shiny transom or sidelights should depend on how home owners feel about privacy and bringing natural light into the interior.

We believe that a good lighting is essential for safety, but it also sets a welcoming mood. A chandelier is what works best for that luxurious feel. Visually rich marbles that are printed or can be simple designs. Depending on the entry’s size we put additional chairs and lounge area or as we also call the receiving area. Wall papers or paint it will create a big impact into your home. The key is for surfaces to appear clean and elegant. The overall entrance design is important as long as it reflects cleanliness and elegance it will also reflect the people who lives in it. 

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