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House front designs in Pakistan

House front designs in Pakistan

House front design in Pakistan from Luxury Antonovich Design is a professional team capable of comprehensively address all issues related to the home front design in Pakistan. Each of our customers can be sure that the image of his house will meet his wishes and ideas of the sense of beauty and style, and will be unique. What is expressed in the individual project of the facilities?

At a meeting with a customer, who voiced his ideas, architects in Lahore offer him to choose one of the standard options or develop the individual project of the future house. In the second case, the architects and designers of our studio, offering their colorful and exclusive ideas tailored to your requirements in the design of the building facade design, its fences, and small architectural forms, designed in the same style.

Following the development of house sketches from different angles, with an indication of the materials used in the finishing, 3D visualization of the exterior design in the professional program and its coordination with the customer, the architect will start implementing the design project - technical specifications for the builders.

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