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Deluxe Dining Area Pakistan

Deluxe Dining Area Pakistan

The dining room is a very important part of your home where everyone in your family and friends come together to share stories and eat comfort food that makes everyone happy. It is where your family gathers for any event. This space should be designed with intricate details. 

The Design

  • This white dining room features a tray ceiling accented with gold and fringe chandeliers that covers almost the entire room. The combination of white and gold hues fill this room and gives this a very classic and timeless feel. Although classic, the quirky gold-framed mirror gave the room the boost it needs. The huge gold plated pots give the room a more fancy mood.
  • One can never miss the white quilt upholstered long table that can seat 14 persons at a time. This room is also accentuated with glasses and more crystals that capture the elegant aura that the designer is known for. 
  • The Customized curtain is designed with diamond skirting on top and it has a natural heavy texture to help you control the sunlight that will enter the room.
  • The color that is used is Gold and cream, giving the home a bright ambiance. It is nice to eat inside a well-lighted dining area. 
  • The customized marbled flooring reflects bright colors all over the room. It looks sleek and polished. Ready for any occasion that you are going to have.

Overall the design aesthetic of Luxury Antonovich Design for Dining areas is all about elegance, comfort, and functionality. Without these key elements, a dining area will never be completed. It is important to put together the most high-end materials and create a big masterpiece. 

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