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Contemporary Apartment Interior Design Lahore

Contemporary Apartment Interior Design Lahore

When you hear the word contemporary, what comes first to your mind? Modern, Sleek, Fine, and Sexy. These are the theme of our Contemporary Interior Design. Modern, adapting to the latest architecture and interior designs we innovate and create better designs that are world-class and high-end. Sleek designs that consist fine lines, symmetrical patterns, and geometrical accents. The color and the furniture exudes sexiness and gives the whole interior the characteristic of a fine and well-designed apartment. 

The Living Room

The primary and secondary color used is white and gray, which gives a crisp, clean, and minimal texture. The accent color is teal which gives the room a nice cool tone. The patterned and textured fixtures which are the carpet, the sofa, some throw pillows, breaks the monotonous color of white and gray and gives the apartment a more playful look. 

The Hallway

We made sure that the hallway has a wide space to walk around to. We placed a plant ladder with a variety of plants, succulents, and herbs to give out a fresh smell and ambiance. 

The Bedroom

The apartment bedroom is turned into a suite as we put the theme in coordination with the whole apartment color palette. The white and gray color goes along together that gives a soothing and calming effect. Accentuated with silver, teal, and black the room looks edgy and modest. This room is created with style, comfort, and function. 

The Kitchen & Dining

One of the busiest place in the house needs the most attention and detail when it comes to its design. A kitchen is never complete without the right utilities. Having the best kitchenware and fixtures will definitely make the best meals for you and your family. Of course, a lovely kitchen should have a nice dining area, and we build the best dining areas only with the most high-end furniture. Accessorized and coordinated with an artistic painting and elements to add texture and vibe. 

Smart Home

We introduce to you our most innovative state of the art home solution, the smart home. Together with an application that is downloadable in any phone, our engineers will install into your home an easy digital access in all of your home essentials. With just a click on your phone, tablet, or any gadget you can now control your home in the palm of your hands.  

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