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Embrace the Luxury and Royalty as this luxury duplex apartment welcomes you with a serene interior design setting. This premium address is surrounded by a dynamic community and offers a stunning building that touches the Dubai Skyline. These exquisite residences have been meticulously built by the worlds top designers, architects, and artists and are ready for your arrival. Enjoy the most prestigious address in the world, a property in Dubai unlike any other. This Duplex apartment unit is rising above the Arabian Gulfs crystal clear seas, is among Dubais most opulent beach houses and apartments. Every residence has the pinnacle of interior design, resulting in a refuge of space and delight for each Resident.


Transforming spaces into unique pieces of art through light, color, and texture

In the Royal Atlantis Residences, Luxury Antonovich Design completed a comprehensive renovation of a duplex apartment unit. The outstanding interior design was created by a team of brilliant modern artists who handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces to personalize each property. Fine fabrics, architectural needlework, hand-carved leather, and exquisite porcelain pieces are among the items on display. Create a one-of-a-kind collection of selected artwork by choosing pieces from the artisan of your choice.


Being located at the world-class shoreline, this modern duplex apartment in Atlantis Residence has a great panoramic view which over looks the majestic seashore of Palm Jumeirah. The interior decor of this upscale property is trendy and stylish, giving it a glittery atmosphere. Its exquisite lighting is meant to give the area a sense of beauty and peace. Everything is well-done, from the fixture to the lights. There were some outstanding details in every facet of the luxury apartment interior design. The entire structure is a piece of art that exudes majesty. The interior design of a luxury apartment is created in such a way that it exudes luxury. Its in a class by itself. The room was created with the intention of providing you and your family with the most luxurious environment possible. Luxury Antonovich Design added luxury accents to the interior design of this luxury residence.

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