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Best interior Designers in China | Royal Luxury Penthouse Interior Design in Shanghai


The Modern Chinese Style interior design is furnished with all of the required items. It boasts a magnificent living room that is designed by Asian Interior Designers. The Modern Chinese Style interior design provides a sense of tranquility and allows you to walk from one side to the other. The bedroom is also designed with the highest level of luxury interior design in mind. The ceiling is just as stunning as the floor. Its one of the standout features of this gorgeous Chinese bedroom interior design. Its a work of art in and of itself. It seems like youre living in a hotel because of the beautiful and clean colors. This luxury interior design is a dream come true for many because of its exquisite elements and ambiance made by Luxury Antonovich Design, a China Interior Design Company.


The stunning rich gold hue coupled with cream accents gives the luxury Modern Chinese Style interior design a really classy touch. This luxury interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design and its Best interior Designers in China have all of the sparkle and glam that you need for fantastic and gorgeous decor for your future house. The modern interior design is exquisite, with its stunning teal and gold tones. Its perfect for relaxing and unwinding on a regular basis.


The green hue of the furniture, as made by the Design firms in Shanghai, and the brown structure of the furniture work well together. The space is designed to be both restful and attractive. Its beautiful green hue has a dark tone to it, which complements the exquisite China interior design. The beautiful interior design in the hallway exudes a golden vibe that is appropriate for both men and women. The dark green curtains contribute to the rooms charm with their cool tone. The gorgeous interior design is completed by the magnificent staircase, which has a clean and classy look throughout the property.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Shanghai, China

Plot Size: 623 sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style: Modern

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