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Childrens room for two sisters

Work on the childrens rooms project is always very exciting and interesting. Elite interiors design studio in Dubai always offers its customers of unique beauty the interiors in different styles. Childrens room interior design has been designed for two sisters. The authors of the project managed to create an ideal environment in which each of the sisters feels completely comfortable. Childrens room interior design harmoniously continues villa interior design in Abu Dhabi in the style of Art Deco. The interior is refined, elegant, festive and elegant. The unifying factor in interior design has become the ceiling. Fancy chandelier with bright lilac shades is surrounded with stucco decoration, niche with graceful outline, numerous spotlights and LED lighting lines. The ceiling design sets a festive mood and romantic interior. The wall behind two luxury beds is decorated with soft wall panel, which is upholstered in noble creamy velvet. To create an additional feeling of warmth of home comfort designers use in the decoration the floor of natural wood and adorable fluffy rugs. Curtains in the childrens room are in perfect harmony with the decoration of the beds.

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