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Interior Children's Attic

For the children's room interior in a luxury home the attic has been allocated. By itself, such a room is associated with the romantic mood. Interior designers have developed a personal children's room project Dubai for the son of home owners. Children's room interior design for the boy reflects his passion for research, travel and adventure. Large area with competent layout helped to create a very comfortable interior. The room is divided into several zones, which are separated with walls and partitions. In one of the niches interior designers have arranged a cozy sleeping area with a comfortable bed. A small semi-circular window and the bed lights give the interior a charming expression. Luxury Interior Design Dubai always involves the use of noble materials. Children's room interior design for the boy was very warm and cozy thanks to the use of wood in the decoration of walls, ceiling and floors. Sophistication and stylistic consistency of the interior in modern style is complements with the brickwork in the decoration of the walls. The interior designers replaced a traditional chandelier with modern spotlights and projectors. Interior perfectly fits for the young adventurer and gives a lot of joy.

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