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Cozy Bedroom Interior

Charming sketch "cream chocolate" is reflected in the author's bedroom design project from studio Luxury Antonovich Design. A delightful blend of contemporary style with Art Deco accents filled the relatively small space of the cozy bedroom. Interior designers brilliantly combine shades, textures and materials, achieving a unique and expressive images in their work. The tenderness and charm of the interior harmoniously follows the tenderness and the charm of the hostess of the bedroom. The basis of the composition of the luxurious interior is a large comfortable bed. The base and headboard of the bed is upholstered in soft velvet of cream shade. The high upholstered headboard embraces the bed as if stretching almost to the entire width of the wall. On this bright background silk pillows and bedspread of milk chocolate color look brighter and juicier. The interior is filled with harmony and purity of lines. Curtains design elegantly repeats motives of bed decoration. Creamy silk curtains are trimmed with wide chocolate piping. Wall decor behind the headboard in the bedroom interior brings a bright and festive mood. Boiserie is filled with textile wallpaper with lace ornaments. Lines of mirrors shine under light of elegant chandeliers and elegant sconces. The wall opposite the bed along the entire perimeter is decorated with soft upholstered wall panel of a noble velvet. This decor complements the interior with softness and warmth, and is one of the ways of sound insulation. The bedroom interior design is for sophisticated and refined nature.

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