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Bedroom decoration ideas

The combination of art deco and modern style in the design of this bedroom project forms a very interesting and bright tandem. A large area, which is allocated in the design of the house for the main bedroom, opened a large space for creativity for the designers. If, as a rule, in the interior of the bedroom there is one bright accent and it is always a bed. In this interior designers have organized two zones equivalent in meaning. Both are designed for rest, but for a varied rest. Of course, the main role we still allocate a large bed. In this room, the bed itself is a rather modest piece of furniture, the main role of which is to provide maximum comfort. But the most interesting and bright moment was the decor of the wall behind the bed headboard. The interior designers decorated the wall with a large three-dimensional panel with original ornament and a coating of special gold paint. This glitter of gold is sparkling and sparkles under the illumination of the room. The design of the curtains itself is a little restrained. A large window adorned by two kinds of silk, white and beige with drapery folds. This solution is not accidental. On such little-restrained background, very beautiful and brightly look beautiful pieces of furniture with bright inlays. A small carpet in the center of the room serves as an accent of the warmth of home comfort, and as a certain unifying factor. The second part of the bedroom interior space is devoted to rest with a book or watching your favorite movie, or maybe just leisurely with a cup of tea. Beautiful armchairs and a stylish coffee table fit perfectly into this bright interior.

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