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Luxury Private Villa in Abu Dhabi

Each luxurious interior story, of course, begins with the hall interior. In this authors villa project UAE the interior story beginning is connected with elegant staircase in the hall. This element sets a festive mood and hints at the luxury image of the rest of the house. The marble staircase with graceful curves, which leads to the second floor is decorated with wrought-iron balustrade. And its image added expressiveness line highlighting each stage. Marble floor decor is in perfect harmony with the decor of the back portal of the staircase. Interior designers brought the enchanting mood of perpetual celebration of life by a gorgeous crystal chandelier. The villa design UAE is a reflection of tastes, habits and lifestyle of the owners of the house. The luxurious apartment is perfectly organized for different moments of relaxation. Interior designers Dubai paid a special attention to hookah room interior. Luxurious oriental notes with the image adjusts to enjoy moments of relaxation and philosophical reflection on the eternal and beautiful things. In the luxurious image of a cozy living room the first fiddle is played by upholstered furniture in noble velvet of burgundy color. Ceiling decor reflects the perfect combination of tradition and new technologies. The ceiling is decorated with stucco texture of silk. It shimmers under illumination of beautiful lush and elegant chandeliers. On the plain background wooden showcases of valuable species with backlight look graceful and stylish. The villa design is full of colorful motives of exclusive unique solutions.

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