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Stylish Pink Childrens Room

Childrens room interior design has been designed for two daughters of the owners of the apartment in Dubai. Work on the project has brought a lot of joy and positive emotions. Communication with charming owners of the room inspired designers to create such a charming and cozy interior. The space of the childs room interior is perfectly organized in such a way that each of the girls feels cozy and comfortable. As befits the interior for little princesses, interior designers Dubai took as a basis the warm range of pink shades. Ceiling Design is also involved in this fabulous pink celebration of luxury and comfort. High ceiling adorned with elegant chandelier, is surrounded with circular niches filled with decorative pink plaster. High window is decorated with luxurious curtains in a classical style. Luxurious silk in creamy pink tones is complemented by edging of cream shade; and more expressive look of the windows is made with the soft lambrequin. The main decoration of childrens room interior became two comfortable beds with luxurious canopy of silk. Soft headboard with a flower, which is upholstered in silk of pink and cream shades is in perfect harmony with the decoration of the bed, and in general, with the overall color scheme of the interior. The walls are decorated with silk wallpaper in soft colors with light pearlescent. Because at such a young age, children spend a lot of time playing on the floor, interior designers offered to decorate the floor with natural pleasant to the touch texture carpet.

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