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Exterior Abu Dhabi

Expressive art images of exteriors that designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich design create, are impressive for their beauty and aesthetic perfection. This perfection is based on the harmonious composition structure of the building, which are connected with the correct proportions and scale of the building. The dimensions of individual parts of the house, their ratio to the whole extent of dissection or generalization of architectural form and detailing the nature and plastics are given to a single variety of beautiful forms. In his works, Design Studio Dubai builds on dreams and wishes of customers. This client becomes the measure of all ideas and solutions. All these solutions are the basis for expression of the building. The design of the exterior as well as interior design takes into account the traditions and modern technology. Round mnogoskatnaya roof darker, as if holding the flight from light and graceful buildings. The exterior design houses - is a work of art, which employ talented designers, architects and sculptors. The entrance portal of the building is decorated with five majestic columns with stucco capitals and marble staircase. Exterior design house also closely related to interior design. High windows of the central portal of the building are the basis for a bright and light interior room, letting in a sufficient amount of daylight. On the facade bas luxurious look and exquisite sculptures. It gives the image of the exterior of the building special pomp and enhances the beautiful game of light and shade of the facade.

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