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Best exterior design ideas


We have recently encountered different suggestions and demands from the Client about New Home Designs and Decoration, This why our Design Team is continuously upgrading and discovering new ways of implementing the new creative design. Most of the Client nowadays are preferring to choose neutral colors and some is choosing to have a plain White House with a slight decorative details only. Being an Architectural and Design Consultant, Luxury Antonovich Design Team is always ready to provide our kind assistance to be able to guide and help each of every Client to achieve their ideal Home Design. Our Goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our Client throughout the full process of the developing the Home Design.

We can confidently say that this New House Design has a very Symmetrical and balance Elevations. Since that the Client preferred to have a purest plain House Design, We made it sure that the paint that we have used is premium quality and long lasting. The fence design has been completed with concrete hard materials with plain linings. The roof has been made up of hard Materials also and continuously distributed the paint all over it. Natural Local plants have been well arranged in the landscape area. The main Entrance of this house is across the Main Gate as well, it has been glamorously decorated with a beautiful outdoor Chandelier. The perfect choice of the Marble has been well arranged on the entrance as well. The covered Parking space was on the front side of the Landscape area. This new Home Design might be plain when it comes to the Choice of the pure white color, However, Our designer team has been created the balance shading on the Windows as the materials that have been used is unique reflecting glass and the very detailed Carvings on the Middle upper front of the House.

We can say that this New Home design was indeed luxurious, as we have done the proper selections of high quality Materials. Even that the house Design will be plain and simple, the Luxurious quality of it will come up naturally once we did the proper selection and installation of premium materials. This one of a kind technique has been only being known by a professional Team with the main goal of providing all the best solution with passion to achieve Excellence towards every work.  

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