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Infinity Tower Dubai Interior

Stylish apartment interior in Dubai perfectly matches the stylish and contemporary nature of its owner. With his dynamic and active lifestyle it is very important in own home to be able to relax in a comfortable environment. Interior design in the UAE from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of absolute comfort with a respectable character. Modern style in the interior acquired its easy and laid-back charm. Apartment Design Dubai has a lovely concise and clean lines. In the lobby, interior designers have taken chocolate shades as a basis. Glossy facades of the sliding door wardrobe reflect original features. And the gloss itself glitters with more luster, thanks to the abundance of accents in the form of LED backlighting. At the request of the owner in the hall additional seating area with stylish seating was organized. Saturated shades of the hall flow in more gentle hues of the interior. Apartment Design Dubai perfectly corresponds to the fashion trends of modern interiors. The focus here is in intellectual comfort. Living room is harmoniously combined with the dining room and kitchen. Quite spacious dining room speaks of the hospitality of the villa owner. Spectacular design techniques fill the interior with a special mood of warmth of home comfort. Thus, modern fireplace is built into the wall, which is decorated with natural stone in cool shades of gray. The ceiling lighting is decorated with lines, which along with original chandeliers illuminate the interior.

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