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Best Apartment in the World


Contemporary interior design with modern decoration; what more could you ask for! A stunning place to live in with beautiful furniture design topped with an amazing layout. Luxury Antonovich Design has secured the top spot in creating the best apartment in the world. Be it small or big; the company can create your vision into reality. They create the most beautiful and most amazing interior design that will capture your personality. Living in the creation of Luxury Antonovich Design is surely a dream of many.


The beautiful interior design is designed in a contemporary style. The clean, minimalist long sofa with a simple yet luxurious center table was a good choice. The bedroom with a gorgeous palette is perfect for a bachelor. The veranda with luxurious furniture is also a good spot to unwind and chill. The pandemic has also brought us in doing home workouts. The apartment's gym is beautifully done while the restroom is also contemporary. The dining area is finished with wood accents and the kitchen also has the same elements.

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