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Picturesque villa interior

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A picture says a thousand words, and having the picture-perfect home is not enough to describe this picturesque villa by Luxury Antonovich Design. Our company is dedicated to providing the best villa design for our clients. This model villa in the images above has a nice romantic interior with a touch of traditional elements. The diversity in design is perfect for its space. The richness in culture, history, and art make the villa design more characterized in a personal style. This particular villa design is inspired by a little bit of Moroccan interior because of the simple Scandinavian touches that add a nice diversity in the whole interior of the villa. Our team has a distinct feature design which ensures a nice charming and comfortable Mediterranean charm to the house itself. Luxury Antonovich Design modern villas interior is made of an abundant mixture of colors. As you can see, the accent shade chosen in this villa is blue which impact the overall look of the home. Here are some elements that our company creates for every villa that needs our expert designing skills.

  • Windows: of course, windows are important as it brings light to the interior effortlessly. The villa is full of glass windows to allow beautiful lighting in.
  • Color: The usage of neutral color with a touch of blue creates a beautiful contrast between the neutral walls and the blue accent color. The vibrancy of the blue balances the shade of the entire villa which is still very much pleasing to the eyes.
  • Modern Fixtures: Modern fixtures nowadays are put-together with different fixtures that take up the composition of the villas space.


There are different villa design concepts and in this model villa above you will see that the look is mostly contemporary. modern, contemporary, classic, the list continues to grow as our generation unfolds different methods in designing. Our company has continued to develop different style approaches that will suit our clients needs and demands.

  • Modern: specifically modern design is very broad, this includes crisp lines with a very minimalist color palette that uses metal, glass, and sometimes steel. It is sleek, simple, and uncomplicated which is loved by many in this fast-paced world.
  • Contemporary: this is sometimes overlooked as modern but it is a whole lot different. Contemporary is more current and it is not that simple. It has some touches that represent the current trends with a mixture of different styles.
  • Traditional: we offer classic details of elegant and bold furnishings with an abundant number of elements. The traditional home is darker with finished wood and more colorful shades that adds a nice depth to the entire home.

Together we make amazing homes for amazing home decor. Feel free to contact us to get a sample quotation for your dream home.

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