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House designs in Dubai - DAMAC Hills - Roberto Cavalli

Amazing house designs in Nigeria

In the beautiful country of Nigeria lies amazing house designs that youll surely fall in love with. Architecture and culture in Nigeria are Rich and they have a variety of amazing house designs in Nigeria. It is oddly difficult to know which design suits your taste best. There is a large scale of beautiful house designs in Nigeria. There are so many types of houses including contemporary, duplex, and even the classic bungalow. Take a virtual tour with the images in this blog to see this amazing house design in Nigeria by the number one company Luxury Antonovich Design.

House Painting Design

What makes a beautiful living room design in Nigeria? The first thing that you will notice in a living room is the space. It is important to give the illusion to keep your living room look more spacious and huge if it is a little compact, or condense it a little and keep it looking full with a variety of furniture. One trick to make the room look larger is to choose a color palette that is light and bright to let light in and create an illusion of a bigger living room. In this amazing house design in Nigeria, the palette used for the living room is neutral. This tone is one of the best choices for any living room color palette. The furnishing choice is velvet and glass with a touch of gold to add accent to the room.

Nigerian Luxury House Interior Design

In this house interior design, luxury and elegance are combined. The house is built with many factors and elements including the combined furniture and styles. The luxurious ambiance in this room gives out a balanced interior decor and elements that bring out an amazing house design in Nigeria. The houses large floor area makes it easy to plan our the living room. It is one of the most visited parts of this beautiful house design in Nigeria.

Best Interior Designers in Nigeria

The main focus of the Luxury Antonovich Design is to showcase their unique and amazing work. Combining the contemporary and traditional styles in Nigeria, the firm believes that the best homes are built to be the sanctuary of every individual. If you will look at our blogs our main trend is to bring out luxury homes to the market, and since then it has become the standard basis of beautiful homes in Nigeria. Based in the beautiful city of Dubai the Luxury Antonovich Design company provides home solutions that bring out the best of the best in the country. Now, expanding their way through Nigeria, Lagos, and Africa and other more countries.

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