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Luxury Villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Each room in this unique villa project is a masterpiece of design art. The villa is like a precious necklace and every corner has become a luxury pearl in this necklace. In the living room, which is combined with a hall warmth and gentle mood reign, the basis of which is shades of cream and gold. Interior designers Dubai have made a wonderful feeling of harmony and purity of lines. Duplication of colors looks exquisitely in the upholstery of furniture and in the floor decoration. The marble surface of the floor is decorated with fanciful patterns, which in turn are repeated in the decor of the ceiling. Furniture of ivory color is inlaid with carved decorated with gold leaf. The villa design takes into account the architectural plan. And interior designers Dubai emphasized these features in a particularly advantageous way. Thus, the living room and kitchen area are separated with the intermediate small dining area with a plush sofa at the window and comfortable chairs. A modern classics in the works of design studio Dubai is a perfect symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Accents in the form of lines of lighting help to make interiors more expressive and luxurious. In addition, to separate the space a modern sliding door system with an elegant decor helps. And the entrance to the living room is marked by two solemn stucco columns with gilded capitals. Kitchen design continues design motifs of the living room. Behind the facade of ivory furniture modern storage systems are placed. The villa design is luxurious in every square meter. Bedrooms and bathrooms interiors are also beautiful.

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