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Royal Swim Pool


Swimming pools still remain the permanent and constant attributes of the rich and famous people, but in recent years this “accessory” became increasingly common. People are striving to acquire at least a small swimming area, which will replace both — the gym and the spa center. The interior design of this swimming pool requires special approaches of work and special knowledge of the professional designers of Luxury Antonovich design. For the decoration of this room we use a variety of natural and high quality materials, the selection of which was the task of our specialist in such interiors. Stylistically, the design of the pool can be solved in a variety of variations. In this amazing project we decided to implement the interior in rich classical style with some accents of antiquity presented in a form of Atlant sculptures, supplemented with amazing decorative arches and columns made of gypsum, which creates the illusion of being on some Greek or Italian island. Our designers have also provided places for storing bathrobes and towels. The swimming pool design by Luxury Antonovich design is decorated with the big variety of fountains and geysers. The central compositional accent is the fabulous mosaic jacuzzi.

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