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Winner office design style


Any place has its own energy. When choosing a design for a house, people can do everything in accordance with personal tastes and their preferences, but while making out a workplace, one has to follow certain rules. The design of the office of the head of the company usually says a lot: about the company itself and its status, about the style and preferences of the manager. Therefore, the design of this office is both stylish, cozy and presentable.

Before starting to select furniture for the interior, Luxury Antonovich Design designers determine where the zone in the head's office will be. This is considered an important issue, as the design of a trendy office, made by our designers, is comfortable and functional.

A win-win option for the design of this director office is classic interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is a natural fit-out, restrained colors and solid stylish furniture. But at the same time, the design of the office of the boss may depend on the specifics of his activities, as well as personal preferences.


Furniture in the director's office from Luxury Antonovich Design differs from furniture that stands among the employees of the company, it looks more luxurious and solid. In addition, the office is decorated with luxury items that make the office look truly unique: these are design lamps, paintings, and original accessories in the form of silver flasks. Our designers for a chic and solid design of the office pick up furniture made of natural wood, complemented by fit-out of genuine leather, glass and chrome steel.

The design of the elegant workplace from Luxury Antonovich Design necessarily includes ergonomic chairs, comfortable, spacious desk. The chairs are made of genuine leather, finished with a high back and comfortable armrests. In addition to the table and chairs in the office, our designers have such furniture:

— a cabinet for storing the necessary documentation,

— racks,

— a place for rest and informal meetings in the form of a sofa group.

The office as a result is concise, stylish and as comfortable as possible. The design indicates respectability, reliability and stable prosperity of the company. Textured materials for wall fit-out, large marble tiles for covering the floor, the use of solid expensive furniture made of precious wood, decorated with marble, are ideal for finishing the office.

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