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Best home office interior


If you are the happy owner of the home office in the house or in the apartment, then you should carefully consider the interior design of this room. We propose to pay attention to the English style. English style is restrained and conservative. This interior from Luxury Antonovich Design was created for real aristocrats. Here is the realm of strict luxury, which can be created using only the highest quality fit-out materials and furnishings.

The whole interior is saturated with notes of unobtrusive luxury, restraint of the atmosphere and some solemnity. Respectable, solid — such a workplace will fit perfectly into the interior of an apartment, country house or office in luxury style. The attractiveness of the classic beauty of the English-style office will be appreciated by everyone; they will like the atmosphere of calm, and easy work in such an office from Luxury Antonovich Design.

Richly and with restraint — this is the main principle of the English style in the interior design. That is why it is so often used in the design of the office: the recognized business card of its owner. English style by Luxury Antonovich Design combines the stylistic features of different eras, and today is perceived as classic.


Home office from Luxury Antonovich Design has such distinctive qualities:

— clear lines, symmetry and proportionality;

— restraint in everything — in the decor, selection of textures and colors;

— the use of natural color shades;

— refusal of pretentious decoration;

— the use of exclusively natural materials, no imitations and fakes;

— the harmonious combibnation of new and antique decorative items.

English style in the interior of the home office is not difficult to recognize. The first thing that catches your eye is the furniture. It is made of solid wood. The main thing that attracts the view of those entering the home office from Luxury Antonovich Design is a stylish upholstered furniture. The wooden part of chairs and armchairs is always waxed, and for the upholstery of the seats and backs natural and very soft leather of the highest quality is used. Here, almost everything is fit-out with wood.

The design of the cabinet in the English style requires a large amount of natural light. To create artificial lighting Luxury Antonovich Design used a crystal chandelier, wall sconces and spotlights all over the perimeter of the ceiling decorated with moldings. Crystal, gilding, yellow copper — this is the basis of the lighting, but also many accessories. In the interior of the home office by our company, the number of lamps are even. The symmetry and balance of the color composition is what matters most.

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