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Exclusive Office Interior


Luxury interior design from floor to ceiling; is what this beautiful office interior design in Dubai is all about. The marble wall accent with a glossy finish in between is a unique way to showcase luxury in the gorgeous layout of the room. Sophisticated, superb, yet elegant. In coming up with this beautiful office interior decor, Luxury Antonovich Design has crafted several studies to perfect the luxurious ambiance of the room. The beautiful office interior design is designed to allow more space for the employee.

Brown and cream give a monochromatic modern feel to your interior design. The office has an extravagant open space feel with its cream look and feel. In Dubai, extravagance is everywhere. From different aspects of art; extravagance is what makes Dubai a standout compared to other cities. Brown plays a huge role in the completion of this luxury office. The interior is finished with beautiful moss white furniture paired with patterns. Contemporary interior design styled in luxury is what this Dubai office interior design is all about.

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