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Interior Design Study Room

The aristocratic home designs in nigeria of home office in a country residence is consistent with an elite status of house owner.Interior designers have created an exquisite design in a classic style. Using the time-tested canons of this style, and supplementing it with their own unique ideas beautiful home designs, designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio each time offer unique options in a variety of directions.The combination of business and comfortable environment is essential for someone who spends a lot of time doing favorite business. In all simplicity of a space elegant and bright look have nigerian curtain designs. The curtains in the office interior design pictures of the home office also made in the best traditions of the beautiful interior design classical style. Luxurious silk with rich ornamentation harmonizes perfectly with the upholstered furniture in the home office. Curtains with embroidery handmade by Italian craftsmen give to the room charm of elegance and sophistication. The role of the lambrequin performs molding with stucco decoration. The interior wall design are decorated with stucco matte cream hue. Against this background, incredibly stylish looks thin lines of gilding. The decor of the walls in the home office interior blends perfectly with the furniture decoration, which was decorated with gilded carvings. The floorings decor of marble with carved patterns completes this perfect pictures of interior design of the home office.



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