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Waterfront Dubai


Luxury Antonovich Design waterfront development envisions a network of multi-use public space for the community. Our professional architects and designers create the best solutions for waterfront plans that adhere to the laws of Dubai. The goal is to establish good community engagement. After the establishment of the public space, our team adds a touch of historical forms and functions which channels character and identity. We make sure that the recreational spaces of the waterfront have fun and exciting activities for guests to enjoy. We look into the communities vision process that creates a solution for the city. Our goal is to create citizen-driven outlines and ideals the will breakthrough and pioneer in the city. The adaptable design is implemented with bold changes that will attract public enthusiasm. Waterfront projects take a lot of years and hard work that is why it is important to hire trustworthy professionals to make sure that every detail is meticulously developed. 

  • Shops: Shops makes the waterfront park more attractive. This gives them more sights to see and places to go to for their needs
  • Ponds and fountains: These add another attraction which gives the public more activities to do. 
  • Parks: A place that is accessible to the public makes all the difference. Adding benches, plants, and trees where they can relax and enjoy the view is a perfect attraction that is simple yet, sustainable. 


Waterfront destinations is an alfresco-like structure that is fascinating to walk into. That's why it should be connected to each other to strengthen the place as a whole. This seamless connection is a challenge but it is also another element that will help attract people to the waterfront. Different parks should serve a purpose for public activities. The essential is that the waterfront should be accessible for everyone. The shoreline is also accessible to the public for a relaxing view of the waters. The design features include water activities for the public to enjoy the waterfront. 

  • Balancing lifestyles with both human and environment. 
  • Making sure to protect nature and animal's natural habitats. 
  • Maximizing opportunities for public access. 

By having an amazing public space does not happen overnight, but our team makes sure that we improve the place correctly and rightfully. Our team has been creating waterfronts for more than a decade and we will surely help you gain more public attention to your park with our smart solutions. Send us a message and we'll gladly assist you for your project needs. 

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