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Dubai Marina Islands


Living beachfront while still staying in the city is probably one of the richest a person could ever achieve. Who doesn't want to live near your work while enjoying a view of the city and the water? We bet no one. With this, Luxury Antonovich Design develops a mega-project that would rival the others. Dubai Marina Islands are set to be the most sought after place in the world with its stunning architecture and planning. Enjoy a luxury living while staying near the city. Development is over the island with tall buildings that are magnificent on their own. The island is equally stunning on its areal view. A picture perfect island from the bottom to the top. Drone shots would be perfect in this amazing development! Luxury Antonovich Design sure stepped up the game with this luxury living.


Upscale and high-end condominiums are placed strategically. It is near establishments that are perfect for those who are on the go. We value everyone's fast-paced lifestyle and it is certainly important for us to do well to serve our clients. Malls are a big part of this island. You can easily access whatever you want with the help of easy condominium living. On the other hand, if you feel like going into a yacht and if you have one then this is perfect for you! Luxury living at its finest! We ensure you that you will feel royalty with this development as it sets yet another standard in luxury living. Work and life balance are definitely important and Dubai Marina Islands will surely be the answer to the busy life of the overcrowded city. 


Nature also plays an important role in the development of the island. The greens are everywhere to give a sustainable living to everyone. Luxury Antonovich Design didn't shy away from the importance of global warming. We give value to the mother nature as we design this huge project. We are ecstatic to say that this island is both luxurious and functional that gives off sustainable living to the rich and famous. Dazzle into the art of sustainability that also covers splendid and magnificent living. You are sure to have an amazing life with this development. You got the city near you. You have the water on the other side which is perfect for relaxation and to shy away from the busy hustle of everyday work. And you have trees that serve as a balance to the toxic living of other cities. Definitely, this development is one of its kind with its stunning functionality and equally elegant structures that sure would fit in every rich people across the world.

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