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Contemporary living style house

The Contemporary Style

Contemporary is often mistaken as modern. While it is indeed a little bit modern, Contemporary carries the designs that are popular in the current. The aesthetics are very similar to the modern while it keeps a very distinct taste and style. Contemporary means "of the moment" Which makes the style a very playful and difficult to define. With its aesthetics, it has evolved over the years. The easiest way to define the contemporary style is that it is ever-changing. The look in today's contemporary style is more on the clean and minimalist style. This style is the most popular now. 

The design focused on the form

The Luxury Antonovich Design made this house style which has a function in its form. The foundation of contemporary design forms which sets it apart from modern design. Form means shape, and the shape of this contemporary living house style is more on a boxy style. It consists of clean lines which stands out the art decor of the house. 

Neutral Palette is the key

The neutral colors are the key to highlighting the contemporary design. Of course, the client can always choose whatever color they want. Just like in this Contemporary model house, there are darker colors which adds an accent to the house itself. It is also smart to add textures for a different impact that will be an added focal point in the living style house. 

Let in the light

In this contemporary house design, the professional designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design made sure that the lighting all through the house is more natural. It is important not only in contemporary house designs but also in different house design that the lighting is natural and there are enough windows to provide these natural light. 

  • General Lighting: It is the one that fills in the house, and having a general source of light makes moving around the house easier. You can use track lights, or even wall mounted lights which are fixed and gives enough lighting even at night. 
  • Accent Lighting: It is a great style that is used to create a focal point within a room. This can be a chandelier or mood lightings that are often eye-catching. 
  • Task Light: These are the lampshades and small lighting details that are still needed in a room. 
  • Outdoor lighting: In the model shown above you will see that there is a recreational outdoor space which still requires lighting, especially at night. There should be enough source of light to make sure that every corner of the house is well lit. 

Different from most house designs the contemporary design is essential if you want to add an aesthetically pleasing design to your house style. This style is a mixture of different elements that will still be timeless and elegant at the same time. 

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