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Contemporary villa project

Contemporary explained by the Luxury Antonovich Design

Contemporary is a delicate and difficult style in architecture, it might be often thought as modern, but contemporary is more of the now. It is the current design ideas that are being developed and the designs vary with every area. It is considered as designing with what is popular, and in this day and age, the popular design is called the minimalist houses. The professional designers of the team have been in the industry for decades and they have passed on the knowledge and intellect and they always make sure to innovate so that they can move forward with the latest project designs. The outline of this sample villa design was intricately developed by the professionals of the Luxury Antonovich Design firm and they made sure to imply a very "now" structural style which is more of the linear style. 

How contemporary makes an impact on designing?

The exterior design is more than fascinating with its master plan. It has a shading area which helps the interior filter through the harsh sunlight. The stylish design makes the whole concept extravagant even with its simplicity. The application of natural materials such as hardwood makes the house look more airy and comfortable. These assorted elements keep the contemporary feel of the villa design and it configures the house to something that is well engineered making you appreciate this villa as a living space. 

  • The facade: Being one of the most important parts in a villa design the facade creates an impact on the public. It represents your house completely and it is important to make the facade complement to its surroundings. In this contemporary villa design, you will see the sophistication in every detail especially with the well-composed front facade. 
  • Garden with style: The clean and elegant outline of the garden plants is perfectly balanced and it creates a minimal touch of green which makes the house look more sustainable.  
  • The design: The Luxury Antonovich Design company built this contemporary villa project to develop an estate property with beautiful and streamlined designs that will surely blend in with the fast-paced life with its simple yet sophisticated look. 

The professional designers of the firm make sure that these villas truly stand out from the rest. With their sleek design and architecture, they are able to put up the coolest projects which have unique and high-quality looks that will keep their clients have a comfortable and cozy living in the middle of the concrete jungle. 

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