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  • the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Having a glance at this Wonderful Work of art was indeed a fascinating feeling as you will see how inspirational it is perfectly done. Presenting this masterpiece will always make us realize how amazing the Architectural Idea can be perfectly done. Luxury Antonovich Design has been continuously creating noise providing all the best solutions and services towards every work.

This Architectural Project is located in the Business area of Dubai. We all know that Dubai is very much comprehensive when it comes to Architectural Structure all over the City. That is why we have created this Project in a very systematic way to make sure that it will stand out with those other buildings surrounds it. If we take a look with the Exterior Design, we can immediately notice how exclusive the design it has. Using a high caliber of Materials in the composition of Steel, Concrete stone structure and the best quality of Glass, We have successfully delivered the outstanding balancing of the Elevation design. To achieve the more uniqueness as we desire, some parts of this architectural work has been equally divided and decorated in the different stylish scheme. We have strictly follow the proper standard height requirement of the area, so as we can see, this architectural structure has a balanced depth from the other building surrounds it. It is a bonus point that the Structure is located at the edge of the roads so we able to deliver and express a stylish angle. 

We Work to be able to identify projects by applying a very exceptional work of art. We are continuously providing actual expansion of intellectual Architectural design that embraces the development of every Architectural project and advance credentials in compliance with every project. We deliver variations of designs that proves the values of volumetric schemes of each space of the Architectural Projects. Visuals of the design project of each space with the Architectural design established in the center of the variant selected by the client. So as one of the Architectural Company in Dubai, we are humbly embracing all the healthy competition in a very challenging and yet sticking up with our vision to achieve all the success towards to every Architectural Work that we are doing in the entire city.

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architecture design dubai
architecture design dubai
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