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Modern villa plan

The modern style

Nothing beats the freshly designed space. People who live a very busy lifestyle should have a tranquil home where they can relax after a long day. Just like art, architecture creates an impact on the daily lives of its owners. this house model shown above is a modern structured house plan that is set to have a minimalist design. This house is designed in all white exterior with a touch of luxurious glass windows and pin lights. It features an exterior color of white and grey which is a complementary color that reflects cleanliness and an airy style. The box-like structure appears to be a timeless design that is going a long way. The landscape and plants add a contrasting color of greens and yellows to the house adding a warm earthy vibe to the villa. Having these smooth exterior concrete adds a fine design to the whole house. The aesthetically pleasing home makes it look more spacious and it is very much pleasing to the eyes. A lot of clients are moving forward to appreciating the minimalist design of the Luxury Antonovich Design company. It has a calm environment and it creates a very appealing open space which makes the home more liveable. 

The Principles

The Luxury Antonovich Design company's design work is now leaning towards the minimal side. The spaces that they design looks sleek modern and uncluttered. They make sure that the house is illustrated beautifully. 

  • High-Quality: The materials to build this home design is high quality and it simply stands on its own. Looking at a house that is so simple you'll instantly know if the quality is good just by seeing the walls the designs and the shapes used. 
  • Form and Function: The efficiency o the plan layout makes the house design straightforward and simple. This clears up how the sequence of the structure will be made. 
  • Simple wall finishings: The walls in the sample home design above is more on the smooth and uncomplicated look. It is very appealing to the eyes as this is a newly developed nice feature. The house is built with a boxy form that has continuous lines that look endless and clean. 
  • Open spaces: The open plan of the house gives lighting a lot if space to be let in. The clean modern surface of the house makes a calm appeal. 
  • Simple Details: The detailing creates a modern design that eliminates design clutter by using fine lines that is neat and simple. 

This model project villa shown above is a modern villa design that has a minimalist theme. The materials and details are all high quality and functional. This design focuses on creating an aesthetically pleasing house not just for the owners but also for the neighboring houses. 

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