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Luxury Antonovich Design creates magnificent interiors that are one of a kind and unique. Being a cultural space that is mostly used in social gatherings Majlis is one of their most sought-after interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design is well known for their amazing majlis design that is consisted of different styles – classic, contemporary, whatever your choice of style is they will surely bring out their best designs. The model design above is designed in a more modern look with prime interior design. You will still see a little touch of classic elements presented by the rich textures all around. The inspiration of the interior design is something cozy and decorative. You will notice the luxurious walls that have gold linings which creates a beautiful focal point. This walls will surely be a talk of the party once your guests enter your majlis. It is also furnished with a neutral colored sofa that has a dark colored cushion that creates a contrast to the room. The curtains that drape from the floor to ceiling windows create a nice illusion of an elongated space. 


You will instantly notice the tropical vibe with the interior design. The indoor plants set the mood and create a warm and more lively decor while the fixtures indicate a bold interior. This gives the Majlis a homier and al fresco feeling. The space design of the model majlis interior design above is wide and more spacious. The importance of texture is not neglected in this interior design model. You will see that our designers really thought about the planning of the appearance of the Majlis. Texture has been one of the best elements that enhances a room it adds depth and dimension that makes the room look more balanced. You will also notice the floor to ceiling window frames that let the natural light enter the premises. It gives the room a natural light source that creates a romantic and cozy vibe into the room. Lights also add a cheery ambiance so the room is filled with warmth and joy. The inspiration of the color is more on the earthy tone which creates a nature-like atmosphere. It transforms the space into a bright and cheerful area, while the hints of gold indicate a luxurious space. Our professional designers make sure that the interior conveys a peaceful look to uplift the mood inside the Majlis. 


The patterns add life to any interior design. It can be placed in different furnishings. In this model design above you will see how the pattern is placed in the wall which adds a beautiful surface texture. Another pattern added in this interior design is on the carpet – another scene-stealer accent placed in the room. The chic and elegant style of the architects and designer of Luxury Antonovich Design reflects opulence with every detail that they put out to their projects. They make sure that the space interior design is representing the homeowners well. If you are in search of beautiful architecture and interior design then Luxury Antonovich Design company will be the best helper that will give you customer satisfaction. 

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