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Royal Classiс Living Room

Eastern hospitality has already become expression around the world. It is in the traditions of this culture that a guest is practically a sacred person to whom is offered the best. That's why we paid special attention to the interior of the living room in Dubai. In general, the interior design of the house in Dubai embodies a wonderful mix of classics and oriental style. In the house, there are several living rooms. One of which is decorated according to the principles of the eastern majlis. The design of the house in Dubai largely corresponds to the Eastern canons. So, in this living room, everything is provided for the reception of guests, warm talk during tea-drinking. Luxurious upholstered furniture from the Italian factory is almost all around the perimeter of the room. Only one of the walls is equipped with a modern plasma panel for watching favorite films with a friendly company. Furniture can be called one of the brightest accents in the interior. The noble fabric of a ruby shade is decorated with printed golden ornaments, and details from wood are encrusted with carved decor and gilding. Another very vivid association with the eastern interior is the carpet. In this room, the floor is practically adorned around the entire perimeter with a magnificent Persian carpet. This is a great accent of the warmth and comfort in the home. The decor of the walls and ceiling are made a single concept. Here the stucco decoration with gilding frames fragments with decorative plaster in pastel shades of green. Along with elegant crystal chandeliers, Dubai interior designers use modern ceiling lamps and LED lighting. This allows the interior to be more expressive and vivid. And the decor elements from stucco moldings are more magnificent and elegant. Design of curtains Dubai is one of the important directions of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. For this project, textile designers offered luxurious curtains in classical style with a soft baldachin and braid with golden tassels. Dubai's interior design reflects a fine tradition that is complemented by trendy trends and modern technology.

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