Comfortably, cozy and thus elegantly and festively this interior of a small living room in style of modern classic looks. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design elegantly improvise with motives of neoclassic and Art Deco accents. As a result, interesting and memorable interiors are always with a cozy and artistically expressive image. In this design project for the living room, there are several bright moments that shape the overall mood of the space. First of all, this is the ceiling decor. With the help of clear outlines of a deep niche on the ceiling, gilded lines and lighting, the room becomes visually more spacious, and the ceiling is higher. With the help of a laconic crystal chandelier, designers define the center of space. The decor of the walls became an even more bright moment in the living room interior design. The accent wall, where the large plasma panel is placed, is decorated with special decorative plaster with sparkles. The authors of the project created vertical patterns and curves of a line of polished brass fill the room with a deeper shine of modern luxury. Against the background of such a bright and extravagant decor of the walls and ceiling, the furniture looks laconic and elegant. The highlight of the furniture decor is an upholstery of dense silk cream-bronze shade and accented pillows with very bright ornaments. Complemented the festive mood of the living room with a cozy warmth in the decor of the floors used a parquet board made of light natural wood and a soft carpet look great. 

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