Garden landscaping is a great investment, enhancing the beauty and value of your property. We are one of the leading landscape design companies in Dubai, and our philosophy is to achieve beautiful gardens to add grandeur to your lifestyle. The quality of our projects, involvement, and creativity will help generate and maintain an astonishing green spot around your premises. The internal and external decorations are excellently executed by our team of skilled professionals.

Stages of landscape design

The first stage is the survey work, which includes a collection of baseline data and a comprehensive survey of the site. We study topography, soils, groundwater level, etc.

The second stage is a creation of a garden landscaping plan with the use of all data’s collected on the first stage. The following criteria determine the quality of the project:

  • Functional (reliability of structures, stability of plant growth to environmental conditions, etc.);
  • Aesthetic (appropriate to the needs of the customer, providing the artistic expressiveness of the object).

Plans and projects of garden design

  • The General Plan is the primary document. It identifies the existing and proposed plantings, buildings, structures, hard landscaping, road and path network, water devices and other objects in the garden.
  • Dendrological plan – is an addition to the General Plan. It includes all retained and proposed plantings.
  • Road plan and path network, project engineering services, plan of ground leveling and land reclamation areas (if required).

A well-designed garden landscape does not only meet the individual taste and needs but also adds value to the property. Ordering a landscape service from Antonovich Studio, you get layout drawings and plantings, etc.