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Luxury Kitchen in a Contemporary Style

Villa interior design in Dubai reflects how boundless talent and a flight of imagination of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design is. Each style in their luxury interiors gets own special character. Villa design in Dubai is in a contemporary style. There is an amazing combination of warmth of home comfort, luxury and laconism. Kitchen interior design become a harmonious continuation of the interior design of the living room and dining room. Dining area conventionally separates the living room and kitchen area. House Design Dubai largely emphasizes the warmth and hospitality of the owners of the house. In the dining area there is a large dining table surrounded by many soft chairs with original shapes and smooth curves. Interior Designers Dubai achieved pleasant feeling of warmth of home comfort using warm range of shades, cream, chocolate and coffee. The perfect geometry of shapes and lines, which is inherent in every square meter, just fascinates with its harmonies. Dining area is delineated by a wide strip of brown marble. This item is in harmony with the outlines of a niche in the ceiling. Modern chandeliers became a highlight of the interior. Many pendants on thin wires create a feeling of floating in space. Precious silk curtains of milk chocolate shade look very cozy. Kitchen interior design complements the stylish luxurious space of the house.

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