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Chic Kitchen Interior

Luxury villa in Abu Dhabi, designed by the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design has become an ideal habitat for its owners. These are people with high status and true connoisseurs of the world of luxury. Kitchen interior design with its luxury features is not inferior to the rest of the house. House Design Abu Dhabi confirms how beautiful can be an interior in a classical style, thanks to the author's genius ideas and opportunities of new technologies. The kitchen floor decorated with natural marble is carved with exquisite patterns. More vivid and expressive kitchen interior becomes by using accents in the form of lines of LED backlighting. With this lighting moldings, decor amazing shimmer. Kitchen interior design is full of spectacular unique solutions. Countertops made of black marble contrasts charmingly with white facades of kitchen furniture. Kitchen interior design has an easy charm and a romantic mood. The interior designers Abu Dhabi added blue accents to elegant white and black hues. Kitchen interior design sets a mood of solemn and sublime. Every meal in these apartment is particularly refined and delicious. The villa design in Abu Dhabi underscores the elite status of the house, as well as respectability and gentility of its owners.

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