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You can perceive the space of the kitchen in different ways. You can absolutely not like cooking or on the contrary to get involved in cooking. And in either case, no matter how you relate to this room, one thing remains unchanged. We need exceptional comfort and a cozy atmosphere. Whether we drink only a cup of tea in the morning or the whole day we create culinary masterpieces. For a luxury apartment in Abu Dhabi, designed in the style of modern classics, the Luxury Antonovic Design Studio has offered the perfect kitchen design. The room is somewhat elongated and relatively small. However, the authors of the project could organize the space in such a way as to place enough kitchen furniture and a fairly large dining zone. The dining room zone is located in such a way that everyone who is in it, can comfortably watch a large plasma TV placed on one of the walls. Kitchen furniture with light facades of a milky shade perfectly blended into the interior without loading space. To place accents and make the interior more expressive, for working surfaces, designers proposed natural marble with a beautiful pattern of brown veins. The advantage of the interior was two large windows, which are curtained with curtains made of natural silk. The design of floors of natural marble with a large pattern is in line with the ceiling decor. The lines of the pattern on the floor repeat the outlines of a rectangular niche on the ceiling. Magnificent crystal chandelier brought to the interior elegant and festive notes.

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