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Modern Exterior Design in Angola

3D house exterior design by Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the final stages of a project. When a customer in details can see a future home. The project visualization is made after consideration of all the drawings and material specifications. After final approval, we will proceed to implementation. The project was designed for our valued customers from Angola. A strict classicism with a touch of minimalist charm makes the building elegant and charming. Nowadays, an exterior house design considers possibilities of new technologies and trends. A multi-gabled roof with dark tiles like keeps the building from flying. Light facades with large windows are complemented by vertical lines of lighting, which visually makes the building higher and slimmer. The lower part of the building is outlined with dark gray marble with white natural veins. An additional wood finishing of the building facade gives some artistic expression. The highlight of the house exterior design became small architectural forms with wood and vertical gardening. The landscape design in a minimalist style became a beautiful decoration of the grand modern villa. Smooth grass lawns are complemented by concise modern sculptures in the form of white spheres. They are harmoniously combined with bushes of boxwood. Paths of gray natural stone look cozy and stylish. A friendly and laid-back image the house exterior design gives a sense of aesthetic pleasure. This is a reflection of the modern architecture and landscape design.

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