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In every successful House Design, there is always a very accurate and precise House plan that has been properly developed. As a Leading Architectural and Interior company all over the world, we strongly believe that the great foundation of every project always leads to a very successful Design. That is why our team always remains focused on the developing the House plans very well. It takes a set of meeting for the planning and organizing of the entire project plan. 


We are very glad to say that this Very unique House design that we are presenting has been done in a very meticulous way planning. Aside from the fact that the owner of this project has very detailed instructions of the requirement, Out Architectural and Design team has been carefully studied to do the progress of this project. From the elevation of this house you will see the extreme balance and symmetrical that we have created. From the huge selected tinted windows up to the very exclusive design of the entrance area and the great selection of the hardwood Door, was indeed such a very welcoming design. The exterior walls and roofs have been completed with hard and concrete materials. The gate and fence design was indeed very classy; the entrance of the parking was on the front side as well. The main gate design and the parking gate design has been very well coordinated and perfectly matched with the chosen fence paint. We have managed to put up an outdoor sitting area were the family can do the outdoor bonding and can also be a shisha place. We have put up a kids playground also staying with the stylish modern concept. There is a very relaxing balcony on the first floor of the house also overlooking the landscape area. As per the client suggested, we have put up a blue themed small seating area with a manmade fireplace in one corner of the landscape. 


Luxury Antonovich Design team has always been very grateful in providing all the best solutions and implementation towards every work. The only thing that we could always advice is to have a very proper and professional Planning of every Layout of the house because it will always lead to a very successful final design of every project. Therefore, we are very proud to say that our team has been composed with all the Professional and Skilled architects and Designers that will be suitable to do all the developments of every House plans to achieve the most perfect result for the Entire project design.       

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