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A magnificent work of art indeed! This is the best words to describe this Luxurious and very unique project that we have done in Bangladesh. How we have received the high ratings of compliments from the Project owner was indeed a very fulfilling sensation. We shall claim that the success of this creation is from the combined efforts and sharing points from the Project Owner, our Professional Architects and skilled Designer. This project won’t be possibly accomplished without the very supportive and the detailed instructions from the Project owner. What our team did is that doing the very proper coaching and developments towards the work. 


This six stories architectural Home designed is such a classically inspired House with a very impressive deliberation of the full House elevation. A big compliment for the architect that able to manage the perfect balanced composition of the entire project. The main gate design was very Luxurious on classically finishing of detailed carvings of metallic and hard materials. We have managed to finish the very artistic and meticulous design on the fence with a matching design features from the Main gate. A very decorative balustrade associated with detailed carvings on the outdoor gypsum all over the exterior design was such an exclusive design. Grand balconies can be experienced on this Project and it adds up the classically and luxurious design of the Exterior. Even from the entrance area of this house, you will be immediate feels that you are entering a palace. On the sixth (top floor area is a Glamorous terrace where the owner can enjoy the site seeing of the entire outdoor view.  We have managed to put up a stylish Dome design on the top floor deck. 



Decorating every home architectural design was indeed a great pleasure for our team, most especially providing all the best developments and solution according to every client’s requirement. We are always making sure that every project that we are creating was 100% unique. Every client convenient in achieving their Dream House was indeed very dear to us because our main goal is to bring out all the exceptional work and a hassle-free experience for our client. No doubt that Luxury Antonovich design is consistently the best choice for Architecture and Interior Design Company provider all over the world.

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