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Exterior in oriental style


Once we heard Oriental, the first thing that might come to our mind is simple and typical design. Oriental Style might be like that however, the architects and designers will be implementing A very concrete and selecting a set of Premium class materials. So the oriental design might look simple and plain however all the materials that have been used was extraordinary and tangible. Oriental Style is mostly has been chosen to be implemented by the consideration of the weather and the atmosphere of the location. Even all the heights and perimeters of this structure have to be perfectly studied and implemented.

This oriental house has been composed with a world class high, standard Materials from the concrete Roof Design up to the selection of hard exterior walls. The elevation was very outstanding as you can immediately notice the good balance distribution of the spaces in the exterior design. We have chosen to install a hardwood door matches with the nice marble design on the main entrance area of the house. A purest white paint has been perfectly associated with the one way reflecting window. The gate design was indeed very unique and artistic with a very nice combination of black and Gold metal with very nice details. As per the client requested, we have managed to put up an outdoor, covered sitting area with a television set. There is a very minimal use of plants that has been decorated on this Exterior Oriental House, however; we still have chosen to make it more greenish plants and trees instead of making it colourful.

In every Project, Structure, Residential, Commercial or Industrial that we are creating, we are always making sure that all the projects have been perfectly associated with the most unique and classy design. It has been always our inspiration to succeed in every achievement of the projects that we are creating, however, our main goal is to exceed every Client Expectation.

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