• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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Fresh exterior design


A lovely outside and inside, and one of a kind structure that makes customers come back. A Picturesque hotel that is perfect for a weekend getaway. A breathtaking modern hotel that you will surely love. The hotel has a modern and contemporary necessity, just as fit into the tropical vibe. Modern-style outside plan, a perfect, current exterior, and a la mode, contemporary-planned furnishings. The final product is a refreshed hotel that is light and breezy and outfitted with designs that can equal to a home. This design by Luxury Antonovich Design is planned with contemporary, midcentury present-day impacts at the top of the priority list, yet with an open, airy outside which focuses on the site and the wonderful tropical garden. 


This hotel denoted the begin to our greatest advantages in modern luxury designs. We made this amazing hotel wonder with a transaction of solid, wood, and glass, level lines, high roofs, and a slight gesture to midcentury insides. The cool, moderate current cast set up a solid base with wooden subtleties, and the hip yet modern, clean, sophisticated details. With a large number of luxury subtleties: masterpiece furniture and stylistic theme, a huge space, and an alleviating swimming pool. It's a definitive dream hotel. This design is ideal for outdoor gatherings and speedy breaks. The swimming pool is reminiscent of beachside homes, plants, and details in the sides finish the look. Deciding on this plan enabled us to savor the vibe of the outside and keep up an enticing, roomy feel. The chic design can be seen as a break from the city life.


Structuring a hotel includes mulling over the necessities of every guest, how every last bit of room can be put to great use, and accomplishing an inviting mood that the guests would love to get back to. In finishing the look of this hotel by Luxury Antonovich Design, the architects needed to make a vibe of a vacation with open spaces, a loosening up the vibe, characteristic hues, and moderate goods. We additionally chose to finish the look of the hotel with a blend of present day and conventional impacts. We are extremely active and actually managed the whole development from the very beginning until turnover. Choices with sourcing and plans originated from the modern vibe. Our best need is to ensure we don't have a dead spot. The perfect design looks noteworthy, with the enormous windows and sliding entryways adding to the cutting edge claim. The architectural plan is extremely present day and cleans while the amenities likewise grandstand a perfect and consistent feel yet especially warm and comfortable.

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