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Luxury Villa in UAE

Each project of design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design - a luxurious interior story, that is dedicated to each individual family. And the interior of the villa became one of the new masterpieces of the design studio. As expected in the interior of the house, it all starts with the hall. house plans of that project have a number of architectural features. The interior design emphasizes the benefit advantages of architectural planning. A spacious hall decorated luxury double staircase made of natural marble.

The upper floors are hidden from view. Rounded stair portals elegantly extending beyond the ceiling light. The most impressive in the interior is very bright and easy mood. The dominant cream tint complemented by backlighting of ceilings, furniture, and each stair. For the floor decor, Dubai interior designers have offered the white marble. And in the wall design - decorative plaster muted cream tints. And the luxurious interior of the hall - it's just a prelude to the stunning interior of a huge living room. The height of the walls of the living room extends over the entire height of the building.

The grand greatness of the interior with royal charm miraculously combines a cozy mood. The upper terrace is limited balustrades with stained glass . From this part of the house starts spectacular view on the living room. In the center of the room is a large round fountain. It's complemented by house plants and lighting. Fountain has the carved pattern of natural marble. This new perspective on luxury and comfort in luxury real estate.


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