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Villa Design in UAE

Interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio delight with innovative solutions and sophisticated improvisations. In this project the hall surprises and delights with the unusual geometry of the luxurious space. It is a central axis of the interior, from which the interior story is created further. In this space, the ceiling decor and beautiful pattern on the marble floor became bright accents. Furniture became stylish accents. If the hall differs with somewhat restrained and aristocratic character, in the living room design authors proposed an entirely different mood. In the living room, interior soft colors and a feeling of lightness and coolness dominate. This mood is set by the range of milk and mint shades and competent interior lighting. Original design solutions emphasize housing planning. Villa Interior design in Dubai creates unique masterpieces, which are based on customers unique. Each project reflects the dreams and desires. Every project becomes an ideal habitat.

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