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Luxury Interior Design in Nigeria


A big space gives you free will to design your room better and with fewer restrictions. You can go from whatever style you want as long as it fits your budget and the look and feels that you and your family desire. A major thing to consider in planning what your room will look like is its theme. Do you want it minimalist? Do you want to go with contemporary? Do you desire to have a place like in the tropics? Or do you consider having elegant and sophisticated rooms? Well, Antonovich Group with its excellent and versatile interior designers knows how to play with luxury, elegance, and sophistication.


This dining hall is like those you see in Hollywood films. Ponder the moment with your huge family with its table as slick as it can get. The chairs are well-designed and are in uniform to give the room sophistication and elegance. Talk about beauty and luxury at its finest!


Working in blue can be sometimes tricky. It may look dull when overdone or it might look cluttered when not properly planned. In Antonovich Group, we master in color palettes! In the photo below: the living room, you will notice how we perfectly and meticulously designed the room to give an exquisite feel to the lovely family. The color patterns are admirable and you will surely want to stay hours and hours here!


Feel like a royalty with our custom-designed stairways and hallways. How do we do it? Devoted to the standards of brilliance and of maintainability, Antonovich Group is a global firm that offers a wide exhibit of gorgeous interior design. Being a champion in interior design, the company depends on the components of permeability, combination, and effectiveness, making a stunning, yet intense work of art.


Gold has an effect in any room, however, looks particularly majestic when matched with blue, regardless of whether dark blue, cerulean or powder-blue. Both the blue shading and the gold are the announcement hues giving light in the room. What’s a better way than going home to lovely bedrooms? Here are three things how Antonovich Group achieved this look and feel that everyone adores! A beautiful interior, attainability, and unique design features that you will surely love. The firm has managed to build a formidable reputation for itself through their successful completion of luxury interior design projects. Antonovich Group makes interior spaces come alive.

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