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Decorating your home

Personalized modern interior design for home

The luxury and elegance of every home interior design comes within naturally, most especially if the full interior design set up has been formed into a very systematic procedure considering every points and requirement of the client/ property owner. A professional consultation from the expert team that deals with the architecture and interior design is always a must to achieve the most remarkable interior design setting, however, when it comes to a unique and sophisticated interior design arrangement, the personal suggestions and requirement of the owner will always bring out the most exclusive design solutions with a special touch of elegance. Decorating this amazing home interior has been formed into a personalized modern interior design set up wherein the client/ property owners have freely contributed their creative insights to be able to achieve the most luxurious and exclusive interior design arrangement up to every detail in decorating the home. After all, the benefit of comfort and relaxation are to be experienced by the owners themselves which know a lot about how to create their private sanctuary the most relaxing and comfortable nest for the family/ occupants.

This amazing interior design for home is composed of the latest furniture design collections from KA Luxury and different signature luxury furniture and decorations. The full furniture design and decorations that have been very well implemented in decorating this modern interior design for home are all being executed by The Luxury Antonovich Design Team. As it has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the complete needful in every architecture and interior design projects. This fact has become such a great advantage for the full design team as they have the ability to perform the exact interior design arrangement and set up exactly according to the renders/ proposed design and approved by the client/ owner. It is also a great privilege for every client as the Luxury Antonovich Design offers a completely hassle-free experience towards the full project execution and assured that the complete furniture design arrangement and decorations are all made up of premium class materials and high-quality finishing. Every furniture and decorations have the finest touches of elegance towards every finishing that creates the most luxurious design effect.

Home Theatre Design

Luxury Antonovich Design has introduced the use of high definition technology in every interior design implementations by using a smart home system and advanced technology solution for the home theatre interior design. Wherein the full control of lighting, sound, temperature, CCTV cameral, main doors, and main gate controls can be accessed with the owners smartphones and tablets. Luxury Antonovich Design Company was indeed your best partner to achieve every dream home come true with an absolute design and personalized interior setting as required.

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