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Luxury Villa in Kenya

Villa interior design in Runda Area, Nairobi embodies the spirit of the classic colonial style. Luxurious mansion in the elite district of Kenya became the jewel of the architecture ensemble. The interior of the villa - the pride of their owners. modern living room occupies a large part of the house. a sense of ease. In this space, huge marble fireplace looks very harmoniously. The tall windows draped with luxurious silk curtains. Warmth home coziness complements the soft Persian carpet. A highlight of the interior of the living room was the large aquarium in front of the fireplaceIn every design project, we certainly take into account the tastes and habits of our customers. On the upper terrace, a separate space has been allocated for the piano. In this case, acoustics in the room was taken into account, so that you can fully enjoy your music from anywhere in the living room interior. modern house plans of the villa in the Runda Area, Nairobi includes several bedrooms, family living room, two children's rooms and other necessary facilities for comfort. And each room - a single jewel, a single masterpiece of design art. All bedroom design ideas in the style of an elegant classic. The interior is decorated only with noble materials and luxury. It's luxurious fabrics, classic furniture, marble, and valuable wood species. Such projects are part of the history and becoming a source of pride far from one generation of the family. The architectural designer continued developing a luxury villa interior landscape design, including a gazebo and barbecue area.

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