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Luxury Modern Interior Design Villa in Dubai Hills


It is critical to have a Home interior design Dubai hills that matches your personality when it comes to Dubai hills villa Luxury Interior designs. This Luxury villa design in Dubai hills is built with sophisticated accents and beautiful details in every area. The Dubai Hills villas contemporary designs are all of the highest quality and have an exquisite flair. Luxury Antonovich Design, Interior Design consulting Dubai Hills villa, has ensured that the colors in this latest Private villa interior Design Dubai hills work nicely together in order to achieve the most stunning Luxury villa design in Dubai hills. Its luxurious Home interior design Dubai hills interior features incredible details from floor to ceiling. The lovely seats and tables are paired together and have a refined vibe to them.

This might be the Dubai Hills interior design for you if youre looking for high-end interior design in UAE! The gorgeous master Dubai Hills interior design includes high-quality furnishings and home décor. The luxurious white and clean walls contribute to the gorgeous home designs cleanliness. Its luxurious furnishings are accented by gorgeous gold and brown decors. Youll be transported to a world of luxury with this gorgeous luxury Dubai Hills interior design. The furniture design is the most prominent feature of this gorgeous residence. The exquisite chairs and tables in the space are one-of-a-kind. It has remarkable beauty and workmanship with its designs.


Dubai Hills is a destination where you can have a wonderful time while staying on top of the newest fashion trends. With its clean ambiance, the magnificent Dubai hills interior design, like this luxury interior design, has a classic modern vibe. The lovely hue is meant to instill a sense of serenity. The beautiful drapes and sofa go well together, and the floor and ceiling are rich and classy. The exquisite furniture is incredibly well-designed, with wonderful details that create an abstract appearance. The pattern designs may be seen on the walls as well as in the furnishings. The elegant patterns contribute to the grandeur of the space.

To produce a luxury interior environment and Home interior design Dubai hills, the colors for this luxury interior design were examined multiple times. This Dubai hills villa Luxury Interior design exudes peace and luxury, making it ideal for the citys wealthiest. Its glitzy colors complement the Luxury villa design in Dubai hills exquisite vibe. It is critical for Luxury Antonovich Design, Interior Design consulting Dubai Hills villa, to have a great color scheme in their villa. The primary colors were well-used, while the secondary colors add a nice touch to the space.


A bedroom is full of luxurious elements that you and your family require. It has every piece of furniture required for a luxurious bedroom. The gold embellishments are very stunning. The bed is stunning on its own. One of the most beautiful headboards weve ever made. The bedsheets are likewise adorned with opulent embellishments. A nice bedroom with a great Dubai Hills view is something that everyone wishes for. This magnificent design, designed by the countrys greatest interior designer, Luxury Antonovich Design, oozes class and elegance. The view from the bedroom is spectacular, and waking up to such opulence is a dream come true.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai Hills, Dubai

Plot Size: 4,500 sq. M

Built-up Area: 3,340 sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style: Classic Italian / Neoclassical

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