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Marvelous Luxury villa in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Luxury villa in Jeddah Saudi Arabia from Studio Elite Interiors Antonovich Design impresses with its luxury brilliance and splendor. The interior of the hall became the center from which starts interior design concept.Hall makes the first impression and makes it clear just how beautiful the interior of the house. Fountain of luxury and brilliant ideas brought to the exclusive design project, beautiful and striking features. In the hall, the central decoration has become a luxury double marble staircase illuminated. Around staircase harmoniously continuing brilliance of luxury, Jeddah Saudi Arabia interior designers complement the marble floors with the carved patterns mirrored wall decor panels and extra lighting. Glare crystal and 3D glass panels fill the interior with a magical glow. The marble floor reflects the brilliance, that the interior designer from Almaty designed using ornate swirls carved decoration. The flooring through entire perimeter of the hall, delineating space living and dining room , placed high marble columns with inserts made of crystal with backlight.Hall interior harmoniously continues in the cozy living room .Unique pieces of furniture designed by designers Jeddah Saudi Arabia studio. Very nice and comfortable element in the interior became the columns which are decorated with soft panel and added the soft LED lighting. Lovely and charming accents - a gentle blue light at the base of furniture in the interior. The stylish decoration of the walls of decorative plaster with relief texture is complemented by mirror panels and stylish sconces.

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